French Knickers, cami-knickers.

    I’m not sure if naturism informs my sense of undergarments, and a sense of looseness and airiness around my nether regions, but I do adore French knickers (or cami-knickers as they’re… Continue reading

Paradise Found

Let me point you at Canary Beck’s web presence. Canary has been doing wonderful, wonderful things in SL for ages, but if you’re new to SL, or new to SLN, or a long-term… Continue reading

Between ‘Go Topless Day’ and ‘Topless Tuesday’

Go Topless Day fell yesterday, August 26th.  I have to say it’s more of a north American phenomenon than elsewhere, but of course we’re going to support equal rights for women, wherever it… Continue reading

Turtle Coast/Wild Coast

I was surprised….shocked…to spend part of my hiatus looking over the back pages of SLN to discover we’ve never really looked at Turtle Coast as a naturist destination. I know we’ve had my… Continue reading

A depressing kind of summer…

Away from SL I’m a bit of a news/politics junkie. This was the reason we’ve previously tried to do ‘political’ issues of SLN (and subsequently not published them). SL is largely politics free,… Continue reading

Editorial: August 23rd, 2014

I hadn’t remembered Pookes was on vacation, otherwise I’d have stepped back in last week. I’m guessing that the intention was to continue to post from her holiday in Croatia, but on arrival… Continue reading


  My apologies that I’m into the second week of my vacation and I’ve only just got an internet connection (we’re ‘roughing it’ on a naturist campsite in Croatia). I’ve managed to get… Continue reading

Topless Tuesday August 12th

No story, just a couple of shots for ‘Topless Tuesday’

BBQ time

I’ve received an IM from Howie, SLN’s publisher, this morning, wherein he describes a chance encounter with Brenda, Eden’s owner, which resulted in a bit of terraforming at his villa on the Eden… Continue reading

Topless Tuesday

Just a small contribution to Topless Tuesday this week, featuring Caireann in the rain. Nice photos, Harry!     Pookes