How brave are we? Gulp! (Part 2)

I’ve just said bye-bye to Ella and her family. They set off back to the UK tomorrow, while Mr Pookes and I are in residence for a few more days. So here’s a… Continue reading

Topless Tuesday

It’s Tuesday, so that means topless Tuesday. And this topless Tuesday, I’ve decided that it’s an opportune time to introduce you to a new SLN writer, for at least the duration of the… Continue reading

Some naturist clothing ;) (A naturist accessory post)

Last day in Spain today with Ella and her family, although I’m here until the weekend. Another idyllic day beckons, and we’ve -Ella, my husband and I, Ella’s husband having got babysitting duties-… Continue reading

The positive coverage relating to Vera’s fun run continues.

Talk around the locals appears to be that the council missed a trick in not insuring the proposed Record Skinny Dip attempt. And the local Aqua Park, I learn, was going to be… Continue reading

How brave are we? Gulp!

  How brave are we? Hmmm…we like to ‘talk the talk’ here on SLN, but would we consider ‘walking the walk’? After a morning’s sunbathing and swimming on the beach yesterday, we repaired… Continue reading

Man on a zero budget

You’ll know, if you’ve read SLN for any length of time, that Ella maintains ‘alts’ for the times when she needs to take photos in a hurry and there’s no Harry or Diane… Continue reading

Did I miss anything while I was on vacation?

Did I miss anything while I was on vacation? It rather looks like I’ve missed Ella’s brief step-down from the editor’s chair, for one, and Pookes’ elevation to it. I’m back from my… Continue reading

That naked fun run gets reported

The photo (below) is from La Voz de Almeria (The Voice of Almeria) website. How gorgeous is it that they report it factually, with photos, as if it was….the most natural thing in… Continue reading

The Vera Playa ‘dia sin ropa’

I’ve decided that, rather than call this a ‘postcard from Spain’, I’d adopt the ‘Dia sin rope’ title for it, although strictly speaking it’s a ‘fin de semana’ (end of the week…or ‘weekend’)… Continue reading

Nudity normalised

The media in the UK (and presumably elsewhere) have been making much of a youtube video in which a Polish woman goes into a petrol station in Krakow totally naked. The general thrust… Continue reading