Topless Tuesday



With us ‘larking about’ for much of the summer, and with me just getting back into the swing of things, I noticed some photo files that Harry had taken at the Derailed sim… Continue reading

Hooray for September! Hooray for Labor Day!

Here in the northern hemisphere the summer is beginning to slip away. I was out cycling last night and had to turn my lights on on a quickly darkening evening at around 730pm.… Continue reading

A new Greek location

One of our most popular posts (still!) is ‘Mykonos: Gone in SL’. While not naturist, I would say that it certainly was naturist friendly, a blind eye turned, as it would be in… Continue reading

Free the nipple campaign continues with a surprising champion.

  Kiera Knightley has posed topless in support of the #freethenipple campaign which I found surprising, given that she’s quite demure in her public persona (hooray for Kiera!). But it’s terrific to see… Continue reading

Nearly time for Spain again & hipster beards

I’ve begun packing for what will be my last trip out to Spain this year. I think I’ve largely exhausted the ‘Postcards from Spain’ series, so I won’t be doing that this time… Continue reading

Another Ice Bucket Challenge pose

Earlier in the week I pointed you at an Ice Bucket Challenge pose at Fashowl. And now another one has turned up at Toby’s Juke Joint, so no excuse not to join the… Continue reading

#EscracheDeSujetadores (Spanish Bra Protest)

Living in Scotland, I’ve got an ‘independence’ (from the rest of UK) vote coming up in September. I’ll not go into further detail now as I’ve another post lined up about that in… Continue reading

French Knickers, cami-knickers.

    I’m not sure if naturism informs my sense of undergarments, and a sense of looseness and airiness around my nether regions, but I do adore French knickers (or cami-knickers as they’re… Continue reading

Paradise Found

Let me point you at Canary Beck’s web presence. Canary has been doing wonderful, wonderful things in SL for ages, but if you’re new to SL, or new to SLN, or a long-term… Continue reading