Vintage Season : The birth of the nudist movement

I began ‘Vintage Season’ with the Victorians because there were seismic social changes occurring during the era. Sea bathing for health purposes would have been one small change on the Victorians radar. Indeed,… Continue reading

Vintage Season : Those naked Victorians (Part 2)

Even today, the male of the species will readily go naked much quicker than his female partner. I think that there tends to be a bit in the male’s social and psychological DNA… Continue reading

Vintage Season : Those naked Victorians (Part 1)

The Victorian era refers to the British period of history covering the reign of Queen Victoria (who reigned from 1837 to her death in 1901). I’m beginning Vintage season with a look at… Continue reading

Second Life Naturist Vintage Season

Before we dive into our ‘festival of vintage naturism’, let me establish a few ground rules. 1. For many people, the 1990s will qualify as ‘vintage’. For our vintage-fest, though, I’m going to… Continue reading


We have our own ‘Vintage’ page here. Harry used to try and style some photoshoots in a ‘vintage’ way, imagining what this blog might have looked like had SL existed in the 1960s,… Continue reading

Get well soon, Harry.

  I checked my email earlier to find a message from ‘Harry’. Strictly speaking, it was from Harry’s wife, via Harry’s email. Harry, our photographer, left SLN (and SL) a few weeks ago… Continue reading

The Naked Pumpkin run

  We’ve covered the Naked Pumpkin Run before and from an SL context too. Yep. It was possible to buy pumpkin heads for your avatar and replicate, exactly, the real life version. As… Continue reading

Dancing naked in the rain

I don’t know if you remember the Blue Pearl song ‘Dancing Naked in the rain‘ (from 1990). A big hit in the UK and on the US dance charts, it soundtracked my and… Continue reading

No Bra Day

  I missed doing this on the day due to work commitments, but I’m happy to pick it up now and fill you in on the background to the thing. It seems there… Continue reading

When did we get so scared?

  When did we get so scared? by guest columnist Phillipa Twenty odd years ago, as a teen, we holidayed at my aunt’s farm in rural Britain, a fairly wild, inaccessible and out… Continue reading