Naked SL News!

  Model Judy is posing with what may become a familiar type of photo, but with different photos, of course. Using a lovely little programme I’ve found online, which allows all manner of… Continue reading

Changing computers

A quick heads up on what’s maybe going to be a couple of unplanned, forced days of SLN silence, as I change computers. My iMac has developed what is a familiar ‘fault’ to… Continue reading

Washday Blues

A beautiful Spring day where we are, a week ahead of Easter. Easter’s the time when we tend to set as the onset of ‘outdoor living’, weather permitting, and so prepare for it… Continue reading


  If you’re French, or French-speaking, you may wish to explore what appears to be a relatively new site (around six months old), Zerokini, which bills itself as a ‘Social Network for Naturists’.… Continue reading

Lazing at Sunset

  Location: Su Casa

The Nude in Art

I am extremely grateful to reader wnwd (see the comments section of the Anders Zorn posting) for pointing me (and, I suspect, an already missing in action for the next week or so… Continue reading

Paradise Lost (1)

I learned, earlier, that a production of Milton’s Paradise Lost, the story of Adam and Eve’s fall from Grace, to a score by Mozart, is being staged in Second Life. And the production… Continue reading

Airbrushing, the excesses of the fashion industry and larger SL avatars.

  The photo above, from an historical German naturist magazine (I’ve no idea of the date) is obviously airbrushed. Airbrushing was a big thing in the past. It was not permitted to show… Continue reading

Heroes of naturism : Anders Zorn

I’d never heard of Swedish painter Anders Zorn until yesterday, when Harry passed me a link and asked for an opinion. His reasoning was that he felt the style would ideally suit a… Continue reading

Camel riding

  Love this photo! If only for the fact that my airline of choice keep texting to remind me (as if I needed reminding!) that my flight to Spain is only ‘x’ weeks… Continue reading