Happy Thanksgiving

  To all of our north American friends, Happy Thanksgiving. I was going to say that we don’t celebrate it here in the UK but apparently we do, with 1 in 6 of… Continue reading

From the archives (2), and a return to Veena Malik.

Almost exactly three years ago SLN reported on Pakistani actress Veena Malik outraging the country by posing, semi-nude for FHM Pakistan magazine with the letters ISI -Inter Services Intelligence (Pakistan’s secret police)- inked… Continue reading

No thanksgiving for Turkey

Many media sources are reporting the words of Turkish President Erdogan who has declared that there cannot be equality between the sexes. The basis of this appears to be that ‘pregnant women cannot… Continue reading

I’m no longer ‘naked’, I’m just naturally me.

There comes a point in naturism where you cease being naked, when you cease being nude. No, I don’t mean that awful moment when you realise you have to put clothes on and… Continue reading

From the archives

We celebrated our third birthday, without any fanfare, on November 10th. Over 1000 posts later, and a quarter of a million site views, we’re still here, still going strong.       So… Continue reading

Naked Parkour/free running

I picked this up from The Independent newspaper earlier today. ‘Free running’, across London. Naked. You can buy prints of the resulting photographs, some of which look ‘classical’ in delivery, here. I’ve not put… Continue reading

Let it (not) snow (so heavily)….

The BBC has been reporting on the severe weather my fellow countrymen are experiencing back home. Here in England the Daily Express newspaper has been preaching about winter doom on a daily or weekly basis.… Continue reading

Vintage Season : Hippies (a pictorial supplement)

Long hair (or dreads), boho skirts, tie-dye, belly chains, ankle chains, bracelets, a lack of underwear, yoga, healthy eating, skinny dipping, body-paint, free love…whichever the era, the same values apply in 1969 &… Continue reading

Vintage Season : Hippies

I guess there will be many SL users who remember the hippy era of the late 60s/early 70s and won’t think of it as ‘historical’ or ‘vintage’ but as part of their youth.… Continue reading


As much as ‘the nude’ itself still has a power to excite, delight or frighten us, depending on setting and attitude, ‘toplessness’ of the female variety can be equally alluring or appalling, also… Continue reading