Thank you, Scotland!

  I stumbled out of bed shortly after 600am, turned the television on, made a cup of tea and sat down to watch the results from the Scottish Independence vote. And I found… Continue reading

Advertisement : SLN 12 The International Edition (coming soon)

  While in Spain I did a fair amount of work on pulling together much of the next issue of SL Naturist, Issue 12, and as before we’ll also publish it as an… Continue reading

Plus sized midnight skinnydipping

One observation from last week was the presence of a couple who didn’t appear to use the pool by day and would leave it almost to the stroke of midnight before emerging to… Continue reading

Better together (2)

I’ve made no apologies for my non SL, non naturist ‘Better Together’ post in which I’m nailing my colours firmly to the mast of a ‘No’ (to Independence for Scotland) vote, and will… Continue reading

Better together

  No apologies for today’s non naturist, non SL posting. Today Scotland votes on ‘independence’ from the rest of the United Kingdom. And I’d like them to stay within that United Kingdom family.… Continue reading

Heroes of naturism : The Colombian Ladies Cycling Team

  You can’t have missed this photo that has been all over the media in the past couple of days, of the Colombian Women’s Cycling team in their new outfits for the Tour… Continue reading

Harry says goodbye

I’ve been shocked to arrive back in the UK & learn that Harry plans to leave us…with immediate effect. Due to personal circumstances, Harry has decided to take leave of SLN and SL… Continue reading

Kate Humble : A hero of naturism

Kate Humble is a British TV presenter, best known for her work on wildlife programmes. She knows her stuff, and in the UK probably has something of a reputation as ‘thinking man’s crumpet’.… Continue reading

And my 2014 RL naturist season ends…

That’s that! My 2014 real life naturist season is over. :( I fly home tomorrow (Tuesday) to what’s likely to be rain. Certainly not the mid-30s temperatures I’ve experienced for the past week.… Continue reading

Naturism & a real social life.

I was at a (pop) concert recently and was surprised by the number of people living the experience ‘second hand’. That is, they were mainly watching it through the screens of their smart… Continue reading