Hallowe’en (A naturist party, dressing up, naturist accessory post)

Over at Soul! you’ll find free (L$o) witches outfits for any SL Hallowe’en parties you’re going to attend. If you join the group (L$o) there’s a bunch of other outfits (for women) you can… Continue reading

Belly chains : A ‘Naturist Accessory’ post

There are some elements of naturism where I’m not ‘typical’. I don’t shave my pubic area, despite ‘bare down there’ being a more familiar look in naturism. I don’t do piercings, not even… Continue reading

‘You could spend the rest of your life in jail’

I’m horrified to read this story in today’s (UK) Independent newspaper. Stephen Gough, ‘the Naked Rambler’ who has already spent a lot of time in prison for….naked rambling’, could spend the rest of… Continue reading


You may, or may not, have spotted a new page we’ve added recently called Kinks. This was Pookes idea, and the thinking is that, there are some ‘accessories’ that form part of a naturist… Continue reading

Happy Diwali

Diwali is a Hindu ‘Festival of Lights’, and it’s very familiar to many of us in Britain as some of our cities have large Asian communities whose presence enriches us in so many… Continue reading

Reyhaneh Jabari (ریحانه جباری )

Some time overnight while I slept, Iran executed (by hanging) Reyhaneh Jabari, a young woman who was convicted of murdering a man she claimed was trying to ‘sexually abuse’ her. (Some other media… Continue reading

Why does it feel so good (to be naked)?

I’m making no apologies for linking to this post from the Naked Truth blog, and I’d encourage everyone to read the article. While the pleasure of being naked may differ from person to… Continue reading

Adam zoekt Eva/Adan y Eva/Adam sucht Eva

You know the format by now. RTL, Dutch television, lands a male & a female on a desert island, naked. Sometimes a second Adam or Eve is introduced to the mix. Will romance… Continue reading

Vintage Season : The death of humanity

Hi, all! I’m just jumping into Ella’s Vintage Season because I’d spotted some vintage photos while researching one of my posts (not vintage related) and I thought they would fit the theme up… Continue reading

Vintage Season : The birth of the nudist movement

I began ‘Vintage Season’ with the Victorians because there were seismic social changes occurring during the era. Sea bathing for health purposes would have been one small change on the Victorians radar. Indeed,… Continue reading