…to, well, us, really.

Today, SLN (this, the original version), passed the 1m views mark. For a blog that majors in a niche lifestyle, on a niche gaming platform, that’s pretty remarkable.

I take no glory from this, as it’s essentially Ella (our ‘editor at large’, I think is a good title)’s success, along with Pookes and original publisher Howie  whose vision brought SLN to this moment.

It’s their vision that has brought SLN to this landmark.

I knew -we all knew- it was imminent, so I asked Ella for a comment…

‘I started the SLN blog in November, 2011, almost five years ago. I had no idea then, and I find it remarkable now, that there’s been one million views of that blog. I’d like to thank everyone who ever logged into SLN and read our work. I know that when I was editing the original blog we’d pretty much covered the globe with our work. I think Turkmenistan, possibly Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, North Korea, and 2-3 African countries (South Sudan, Western Sahara and Benin) were the only ones we hadn’t achieved any sort of ‘outreach’ in. And, oddly, Greenland.


That’s pretty good. Closed off China? Check (98 views). Iran? Check (4 views), Iraq? Check (289 views…hello, I’d guess, U.S and UK military, mainly). Syria? Check. (4 views).

And on and on.

I’m pretty pleased with this. Naturism and Second Life bringing the world together? I’ll settle for that. 

SLN2 is in good hands with Trine, and I’m still contributing too, so here’s to the next 5 years and next million views.


We’re still writing and publishing on our new site, SL Naturist 2.  where you will be able to find the same mix of SL & RL naturist related stories.



I intend to try and save SL Naturist in some shape or form. It won’t be at this website, and won’t be called SL Naturist, but I do hope to try and do something to save it in some shape or form. I’ve spent the day looking at websites to try and see if I can get my own up and running, but as you know, Howie bankrolled SLN, so I’m going to be pitifully short of cash to run an avatar and pay other avatars for poses and so on. Nevertheless I’m going to see if I can do something with it. There’s no point continuing on at this site, because it would look like we’d had more comebacks than Frank Sinatra. So a new name, new location, new ideas and new everything. I’ll be spending the rest of the weekend seeing if I can do something.


This is the end.


Every seven years, you change., apparently.

For me, if I look back over my life, there’s some truth in that. 14 spells the beginning of a formative age, 21 the beginning of adulthood, 28 the beginning of family life, 35 the beginnings of a new maturity and so on.

It doesn’t hold exactly true, of course. We don’t change each seventh birthday, but around and about each seven years there’s a kind of shift.

At 56 I retired. Not because it was 8 x 7, but because I’d always hoped and planned to retire at 55. It took a year to extricate myself from the hamster wheel of work and actually do it. We (my wife and myself) bought a home in Spain last year where we’ll live at least half of the year and enjoy our middle age and twilight years.

After seven years and four months (2704 days, at the time of writing, to be exact) I’ve reached the end of the SL road, in a sense. I won’t be renewing my rental in a month’s time, and will be exiting SL on a regular basis as a result of real life ‘commitments’. I’m not actually committed to anything, but the death of Prince, almost the exact same age as I am, made me think that I should try to do stuff that thrills me (i.e. music) while I can.

It seems an appropriate time to bring SL Naturist to an end and go back to my first love, music. You’ll probably never hear that music, of course, but that’s not important. The important thing is to flex the creative muscle in that regard. I’ve always regarded SL & RL as entirely separate, so I’m not even going to point you at my real life, real world website (or real life, real world recordings).

With hindsight, no disrespect to Trine and Abigail’s terrific work, we should have closed when Ella and Pookes called it a day last autumn.

We’ve weathered changes in personnel, a shift in attitudes to SL nudity, a shift in attitudes to RL nudity, a shift in the way SL is over that seven years.

It feels like the right time to say goodbye, and close SL Naturist. I’m grateful to Trine, Ella, Pookes, Abigail, Harry, Diane and others for their input over the past four and a half years, but there’s something that’s telling me that this is the time to call a halt. So I will.

SL Naturist, 821,000 visits later, 1000+ visits per day later, is closing. I would like to thank all who have visited the blog over the past four and a half years.

We will remain online, but as from today it’s unlikely there will be few further updates. (I reserve the right to blog on redirecting readers to any new blog the staff may wish to set up, but SLN, in its current form, will no longer post or update).

It has been fun. It has been great fun. But the world moves on, if it’s real life or a Second life, and for me it’s time to exit SL almost entirely, due to a shift in thinking. Of course my avatar ‘lives on’ and I’m not ruling out occasional forays into SL, but regular visits are almost impossible, moving forward. There’s much to do, and SL won’t be an integral part of that, moving forward.

I promise that I will redirect you to any new site, should the staff, past and present, decide to continue blogging on SL naturism, but I’m done, I’m through, I’m finished. The SL office presence in world will exist for about another month, but I won’t be renewing my rent at the Eden Estate thereafter, and will be moving on to pastures new, in the real world.

My very best wishes to you all.






The Naked Hunt begins…

At the beginning of the month we reported that The Naked Hunt was coming. And now it has begun🙂

naked hunt_001b

The starting point is Isle of Punishment, and with each gift you discover, the locations for the next two stops on the hunt are provided along with the gift. You’re looking for a card with the image (above) printed on it for each gift.

I’m not going to race around the hunt and try to finish it too quickly, but spread it out over a couple of weeks and come back to it on a semi-regular basis.

So to kick off…

tnh hunt_001b


…this loincloth and leg bands at the first stop on the hunt, to give you a flavour of what to expect on The Naked Hunt.

I’ve picked up a couple of the other gifts already but I won’t post these just yet. I’ll continue on the hunt over the next couple of nights and update you.








BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S, Audrey Hepburn, 1961



Audrey Hepburn. In ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s‘. A moment that defined a certain style with the ‘LBD’, the ‘little black dress‘, and continues to define it. There are few women reading this who don’t have, in some shape or form, a little black dress in their wardrobe.

That iconic Givenchy dress continues to be something almost as vital to our wardrobes as bras and knickers, and has been in fashion for half a century and more.

Should you wish to dress in an Audrey Hepburn style, I’d advise you to pop onto the Marketplace, and check out Crazy Pastry’s ‘Audrey’ outfit (includes hat, sunglasses, cigarette and holder) all for just L$165. Bargain!

gigi as audrey 3_001b_PES_20160417

Our model poses as ‘Audrey’

So what’s the connection to naturism?

Well, like ‘the little black dress’, the human body is a design classic that never goes out of style. It’s always fashionable. Examine art from the ancient Greeks, to the Romans, to the Renaissance, to photographs made somewhere in the world in the past ten minutes as ‘art photography’, and it’s evident that human beings have been captivated by the naked human form since we practically began scratching images on cave walls.


Shouldn’t we be making that part of our wardrobe, a (birthday) suit to be worn -like the little black dress- in the right circumstances? That is, all beach and swimming activities, in our gardens where the weather permits?