World Naked Gardening Day

World Naked Gardening Day (WNGD) is the first Saturday in May…that’s today!


Sadly, the temperature is a measly 7 degrees where I am, and it’s raining. One spot in Scotland (Braemar) got down to a miserable 1 degree last night! And the calendar says May????







Despite our miserable weather, it should hopefully be warmer and sunnier wherever you are. And if not, take a leaf out of Jack’s book, and indulge in observing some beautifully laid-out gardens that are freely available in SL.





Walk the (Bra) Walk

We’re keen supporters of breast cancer charities here at SLN, and it’s SL charitable events throughout the year where we’ll dig deepest into our pockets to support these, both financially, and by blogging about the events. No, they’re not naturist events, but it’s important to support awareness about breast cancer, encourage women to check their breasts regularly for any lumps and bumps, and to seek medical advice at the earliest opportunity should such abnormalities make themselves evident.

In different formats, the UK is gearing up for a summer of walks to raise money and awareness for breast cancer charities, with Edinburgh and London already holding them in June & July respectively, and Belfast holding one under the name of the ‘ Moonlight Bra Walk’. Inverness is having one under the name of Bra Nicht (this is a play on words and the Scottish accent: there’s a familiar Scottish saying that runs ‘it’s a braw bricht moonlicht nicht the night’, translatable as ‘it’s a bright moonlit night tonight’ and popularised by music hall entertainer Harry Lauder). There are probably others, but these were the first that turned up in a Google search for info on the walks.

I know that there’s no bra walks going on in SL right now, but Maai have a group gift out that will be totally suitable when breast cancer awareness events commence in SL later in the year.

A substantial amount of pink is in the lingerie set (available for L$0, no group join fee), and I was made aware of it by Malgorzata, an SL friend of maybe 4-5 years standing. When I first started blogging on Emmanuelle’s now defunct blog Malgorzata was the ‘poses, swimwear and lingerie model’ on the blog and old habits die hard :)

Still a keen collector of swimwear and lingerie, it’s my old friend (below) who is modelling this Maai group gift. Grab it for your ‘pink ribbon’ events later in the year!

mal pinkblue lingerie_001b

mal pinkblue lingerie2_001b




Le Corbusier

Do you know who Le Corbusier is? I imagine our French (and Swiss) readers almost certainly will.

Le Corbusier was the name used by Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris, and he was an architect whose work I find remarkable and continually fascinating.

A key element of his work was that he saw buildings as a ‘machine for living‘. Une maison est une machine-à-habiter.

What I didn’t know about him, until today, was that he was effectively a naturist in his latter years.



There’s a new retrospective of him -The measures of Man– at the Pompidou Centre in Paris (until August 3rd).

Whatever else he did, that ‘a house is a machine for living in’ arguably defines him and is mirrored remarkably well in Second Life. Stripped of certain RL necessities, we can certainly live in SL without kitchens or lavatories and, more often than not, due to us being the entertainment ourselves within SL, television. Of course, you can buy all of these items in SL, but people have often removed them from their SL  lives and cut back to ‘the essentials’.

The only thing Le Corbusier ever designed and built for himself was his Cabanon des Vacances, (Holiday cabin), measuring just 3.6 x 3.6 metres.

You can see just how much could be packed in by viewing this link.

Towards the end of his life it seems that Le Corbusier had determined that clothes weren’t essential either if the weather was appropriate. The weather is always appropriate in SL, so when you tire of the shopping mall experience, maybe it’s time to consider some SL naturism. And if the sun shows itself, perhaps some RL naturism too. Beneficial to health, both mental and physical, a boost to your immune system and levels of vitamin D. There are no downsides. If you’re one of those people who’ve never tried it in RL, and are curious about it, why not dip a toe in the water in SL to get a small taste of what it’s all about. There are some wonderful sims around where you can going off those ill-fitting mesh clothes and join in the fun.







What’s more offensive?

There’s a Gangsta Fair going on in SL right now, with all of the usual ‘in character’ clothes, poses and so on being blogged on the SL blogosphere.

Guns are included. No one on the blogosphere appears to be pixellating them.

I’m not sure what your take on it may be, but my view is that a glamorisation of guns is rather more offensive than the blogging of nipples, or genitalia. It’s likely that most bloggers won’t necessarily think in these terms, and that’s fine, but from my perspective there’s a hierarchy of offensive stuff, and guns (as well as BDSM, ‘subservient Gorean female’ poses and so on) are up there. Genitals wouldn’t even make my list. We’ve all got them, one of two basic models. It’s part of the human condition. Why do we remain so afraid of them? Even in the SL blogosphere.

Bloggers might say ‘we have an audience, including teenagers, we must protect’. From what? A basic model of the human form, one of which they’ll have seen looking in a mirror, the other they’ll almost certainly have viewed on the internet, if not in real life. Censoring the human body while normalising guns, or BDSM equipment or subservient female poses? It doesn’t, for me, make any sense.


Woodstock Wednesdays at the Commune…so what about some appropriate clothing? (A naturist wardrobe posting)

The Woodstock generation appeared to have a relaxed attitude to ‘clothing optional’ when not wearing their tie-dyes.

The prize at Madcap Creations, as part of the Vintage Hunt ongoing right now is a tie-dye and patched jeans ensemble (L$1).

So if I get around to attending tonight (my first Woodstock Wednesday if I do) what better to wear than some good old hippy wear?

The outfit is supposed to be a man prize but, hey, I think it looks great on girls too!

pookes hippy_001b




Orgy night at Commune Utopia : apparently not the final word.

all nuist
Yesterday’s viewing figures were strange. There was a spike in clicks to and from the All Nudist website. I wondered why, particularly  as All-Nudist was promising to remove all links to SLN for daring to post on an (SL) orgy.

On investigation, I discovered that All-Nudist was basking in high viewing figures, something that he castigated Howie for referencing not more than a month ago.

Yes…hypocrisy is the word I’m thinking of too.

I’ve responded on the All-Nudist site, particularly as a reader, Erica, has since pointed out that All-Nudist appears to accept ‘swingers’ as part of the naturist movement and turn a blind eye to it. That’s what the website suggests, certainly.

We don’t. Marital vows should be worth something. We don’t accept ‘swinging’ as part of the naturist lifestyle. Less do we accept cybersex as acceptable to SL avatars who are in a RL relationship.

The traffic to/from All-Nudist may be coincidental. More likely, though, a spike in his viewing figures would reflect in click throughs to our viewing figures.

I’ve tried to place a bar on clicks from All-Nudist successfully connecting to SLN. I don’t want us to be associated with websites that take a benign view on adultery (and I regard cybersex by SL avatars in a RL relationship as fitting that definition). I’ve therefore asked All-Nudist to remove all posts referencing SLN, something he promised to do a month ago.

SLN neither wants nor needs association with websites adopting a relaxed view to adultery.

I’d also encourage any other websites with an emphasis on ‘sex’, as part of ‘naturism’ to do the same, and disassociate themselves from us. We’re about genuine naturist values, family naturist values. Adultery plays no part.




Beach body ready yet?



Something that is vexing a lot of people at the moment in the UK is a series of posters on the London Underground enquiring if you/we are feeling as if we’re ‘beach body ready’.

Immediately, some women took offence. Quite rightly so, in my view.

We’re all beach body ready. All the time. We need to learn to be content within our own skins and not pandering to what is often an unrealistic, unobtainable ‘ideal’ as portrayed by the beauty business.

A campaign is underway to have the posters removed on the basis that they are “targeting individuals, aiming to make them feel physically inferior to the unrealistic body image of the bronzed model, in order to sell their product.”

Up to a point, they’re correct. I don’t think that the model shown is ‘unrealistic’ (although it might be interesting to learn just how much photoshopped she is), but I take the point that it’s only a campaign to shift a product, which may or may not work, and at the end of April, even if it does work, isn’t going to produce a figure like the model portrayed in time for July/August.

The key to a ‘beach body’ is staying off junk food, tucking into fruit and veg, and doing a lot more exercise than most of us already do. Of course, the work environment, sedentary jobs stuck at computer terminals with unsociable hours that mean the gym is potentially closed by the time we clock off, doesn’t help.

I can’t really judge objectively, as the world of slimming products is wholly alien to me, so in a sense I don’t even know what they do and how they do it, in terms of aiding weight loss, so I’m not going to get into slagging off a product of which I’ve no particular knowledge.

I will, however, suggest that it’s further evidence of a beauty industry, or health industry, becoming more in-your-face in the way that they promote their wares, some of which (and this isn’t aimed at the company involved here which, as I’ve said, I’ve no knowledge) is snake oil.


The ad campaign, ridiculed and parodied by many on social media.

Other posts on this blog suggest that Second Life clothes designers often buy into this same ‘beauty myth'; it has become something of a regular bugbear of ours at SLN in recent weeks, and while we’re not encouraging a sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle, and would countenance the need for exercise and healthy eating, we do feel that it’s incumbent on SL’s designers not to perpetuate the myths perpetuated by the RL fashion industry by downsizing mesh clothes to underline the fact that, for all sorts of reasons, people are of different sizes and SL needs to recognise this.